2019-1 Monthly Featured Products Have Been Updated

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2019-1 monthly featured products have been updated. BOC Sciences specializes in providing superior and high-purity featured products, which are all in stock and ready to be ordered.

This batch of featured products offers a range of API impurities. Impurities are the unwanted chemicals in pharmaceuticals that are either naturally existing in raw materials or developed in process manufacturing. Potential toxicity and other variations formed by impurities have become a challenge in pharmaceutical industry. On account of their impact on safety and efficacy of drugs, identification and quantification of impurities are widely carried in pharmaceutical analysis. The types, threshold values and analytical methods of impurities are specified by pharmacopoeia. For evaluating the pharmaceutical products, impurity standards are employed to identify the physical, structural and behavioral attributes, and analyze the level of impurities.

BOC Sciences provides various high-purity impurity standards for analysis, and the new types updated in this batch are as follows: Pralidoxime Chloride Impurities, Budesonide Impurities, Ulipristal Impurities, Butylphthalide Impurities, Betaxolol Impurities, Sofosbuvir Impurities, Dabigatran Impurities, Tianeptine Impurities, Demiditraz Impurities, Medetomidine Impurities, Olmesartan Impurities, Acotiamide Impurities, Donepezil Impurities, Brinzolamide Impurities, Sacubitril Impurities, Brexpiprazole Impurities, Pabociclib Impurities, Nintedanib Impurities, Linezolid Impurities, Edaravone Impurities, Ticagrelor Impurities, Terbutaline Impurities, Celecoxib Impurities. These impurities are structurally similar to but medically differ from parent APIs. In addition to the categories described above, more impurities are available on our website to meet the requirement.

For your convenience, the complete list of 2019-1 monthly featured products is available for download. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at .