20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol - CAS 516-72-3
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20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol is an allosteric activator of the Hedgehog signaling pathway Smoothened (Smo) oncoprotein. 20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol induces Smo accumulation in primary cilia, and also exhibits osteogenic activity and activates the liver X receptor (LXR).
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Smoothened (Smo) receptor agonist
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1.Determination of cholesterol oxidation products in milk powder and infant formulas by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
Przygonski K;Jelen H;Wasowicz E Nahrung. 2000 Apr;44(2):122-5.
In this paper a method for the cholesterol oxidation products (oxysterols) determination in milk powder and infant formulas has been presented. In the sample preparation step lipids transesterification has been performed. The recoveries of oxysterols have been determined and ranged from 94.2% to 99.9% for all but 20a-hydroxy cholesterol (74.2%). Detection limits were 0.018-0.034 ppm and the relative standard deviations (RSD) values were 4.6%-18.3%. The method has been utilized for the determination of oxysterols in milk-based infant formulas and milk powder available on the market. The concentration of oxysterols was between 0.04 and 4.20 ppm of a lipid extract fraction.
2.Nonionic micellar liquid chromatography coupled to immobilized enzyme reactors.
Tomer S;Dorsey JG;Berthod A J Chromatogr A. 2001 Jul 20;923(1-2):7-16.
Immobilized enzyme reactors are used as post-column reactors to modify the detectability of analytes. An immobilized amino acid oxidase reactor was prepared and coupled to an immobilized peroxidase reactor to detect low level of amino acids by fluorescence of the homovanilic dimer produced. A cholesterol oxidase reactor was prepared to detect cholesterol and metabolites by 241 nm UV absorbance of the enone produced. The preparation of the porous glass beads with the immobilized enzymes is described. Micellar liquid chromatography is used with non-ionic micellar phases to separate the amino acids or cholesterol derivatives. It is demonstrated that the non ionic Brij 35 micellar phases are very gentle for the enzyme activity allowing the reactor activity to remain at a higher level and for a much longer time than with hydro-organic classical chromatographic mobile phases or aqueous buffers. The coupling of nonionic micellar phases with enzymatic detection gave limits of detection of 32 pmol (4.8 ng injected) of methionine and 50 pmol (19 ng injected) of 20alpha-hydroxy cholesterol. The immobilized enzyme reactors could be used continuously for a week without losing their activity. It is shown that the low efficiency obtained with micellar liquid chromatography is compensated by the possibility offered by the technique to easily adjust selectivity.
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CAS 516-72-3 20(S)-Hydroxycholesterol

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