2-Hydroxysaclofen - CAS 117354-64-0
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GABA Receptor
2-Hydroxysaclofen is a GABAB receptor antagonist.
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GABAB receptor antagonist
(RS)-3-Amino-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxypropyl-sulfonic acid
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1.Pre- and postsynaptic GABA(B) receptors modulate rapid neurotransmission from suprachiasmatic nucleus to parvocellular hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons.
Wang D;Cui LN;Renaud LP Neuroscience. 2003;118(1):49-58.
The suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the dominant circadian pacemaker in mammalian brain, sends axonal projections to the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus (PVN), a composite of magno- and parvocellular neurons. This neural network likely offers SCN output neurons a means to entrain diurnal rhythmicity in various autonomic and neuroendocrine functions. Earlier investigations using patch-clamp recordings in slice preparations have suggested differential innervation by SCN efferents to magnocellular versus parvocellular PVN cells. In magnocellular PVN, cells respond to focal electrical stimulation in SCN with a GABA(A) receptor-mediated postsynaptic inhibition whose magnitude can be modulated by presynaptic GABA(B) receptors. By contrast, SCN-evoked responses in parvocellular PVN neurons typically involve both GABA(A)- and glutamate-receptor-mediated components. In the present patch-clamp study, 69/85 periventricular parvocellular PVN cells displayed SCN-evoked inhibitory and/or excitatory postsynaptic currents (IPSCs; EPSCs). In the presence of selective receptor antagonists, we sought evidence for their modulation by GABA acting at pre- and/or postsynaptic GABA(B) receptors. Cells responded to bath-applied baclofen (5-10 microM) with a tetrodotoxin-resistant membrane hyperpolarization associated with a reduction in input resistance and/or outward current, due to increase in a potassium conductance, blockable with 2-hydroxysaclofen (300 microM).
2.Peripheral GABAB agonists stimulate gastric acid secretion in mice.
Piqueras L;Martinez V Br J Pharmacol. 2004 Jul;142(6):1038-48. Epub 2004 Jun 21.
1 We characterized the effects of intravenous GABA and preferential GABAA (muscimol), GABAB (R-baclofen and SKF-97541) and GABAC agonists (imidazole-4-acetic acid) on gastric acid secretion in urethane-anesthetized mice implanted with a gastric cannula, and determined the role of vagal cholinergic mechanisms, and gastrin and somatostatin by using peptide immunoneutralization, the SSTR2 antagonist, PRL-2903, and SSTR2 knockout mice. 2 The selective GABA(B) agonists R-baclofen (0.1-3 mg kg(-1), i.v.) and SKF-97541 (0.01-0.3 mg kg(-1), i.v.) induced a dose-related stimulation of gastric acid secretion. SKF-97541 was about 10 times more potent than R-baclofen stimulating gastric acid secretion. Neither GABA (0.1-100 mg kg(-1), i.v.) nor muscimol (0.1-3 mg kg(-1)) nor imidazole-4-acetic acid (0.1-10 mg kg(-1)) affected basal gastric acid secretion. 3 Stimulatory effects of SKF-97541 (0.1 mg kg(-1), i.v.) were blocked by the selective GABAB antagonist, 2-hydroxysaclofen, cholinergic blockade with atropine, subdiaphragmatic vagotomy or gastrin immunoneutralization. 4 Somatostatin immunoneutralization or SSTR2 blockade with PRL-2903 enhanced the secretory response to SKF-97541 (0.1 mg kg(-1), i.
3.Gamma-hydroxybutyrate is a weak agonist at recombinant GABA(B) receptors.
Lingenhoehl K;Brom R;Heid J;Beck P;Froestl W;Kaupmann K;Bettler B;Mosbacher J Neuropharmacology. 1999 Nov;38(11):1667-73.
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is a neuromodulator with high affinity binding sites in the mammalian brain. However, the receptor for GHB has not yet been identified. There are indications that GHB and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mediate their effects via the same receptor. We tested this hypothesis using GABA(B)R1/R2 receptors co-expressed with Kir3 channels in Xenopus oocytes. GHB activated these receptors with an EC50 of approximately 5 mM and a maximal stimulation of 69% when compared to the GABA(B) receptor agonist L-baclofen. GHB and L-baclofen did not amplify each others effect nor did they stimulate the GABA(B) receptor in a linearly additive manner. CGP54626A, 2-OH saclofen and CGP35348, three competitive GABA(B) receptor antagonists, inhibited the GHB induced response completely. A concentration of 30 mM GHB displaced [125I]CGP64213 binding at GABA(B)R1 expressed in COS cells by 21%. These results indicate that GHB is a weak partial agonist at the GABA binding site of GABA(B)R1/R2.
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CAS 117354-64-0 2-Hydroxysaclofen

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