2-(2'-Hydroxytetracosanoylamino)-octadecane-1,3,4-triol tetraacetate - CAS 340702-68-3
Catalog number: 340702-68-3
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
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Other Natural Compounds
2-(2'-Hydroxytetracosanoylamino)- octadecane-1,3,4-triol tetraacetate isolated from the herbs of Phyllanthus emblica.
(2R)-2-(Acetyloxy)-N-[(1S,2S,3R)-2,3-bis(acetyloxy)-1-[(acetyloxy)methyl]heptadecyl]tetracosanamide;2-(2-AcetoxytetracosanaMido)octadecane-1,3,4-triyl triacetate
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Chemical Structure

CAS 340702-68-3 2-(2'-Hydroxytetracosanoylamino)-octadecane-1,3,4-triol tetraacetate

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