Orange blossoms absolute - CAS 8030-28-2
Catalog number: 8030-28-2
Category: Main Product
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CITRUS AURANTIUM DULCIS (ORANGE) FLOWER WATER; Orangeblossomsabsolute; Oils, neroli, water
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1.A method for staining pollen tubes in pistil.
Alexander MP. Stain Technol. 1987 Mar;62(2):107-12.
A quadruple staining procedure has been developed for staining pollen tubes in pistil. The staining mixture is made by adding the following in the order given: lactic acid, 80 ml; 1% aqueous malachite green, 4 ml; 1% aqueous acid fuchsin, 6 ml; 1% aqueous aniline blue, 4 ml; 1% orange G in 50% alcohol, 2 ml; and chloral hydrate, 5 g. Pistils are fixed for 6 hr in modified Carnoy's fluid (absolute alcohol:chloroform:glacial acetic acid 6:4:1), hydrated in descending alcohols, transferred to stain and held there for 24 hr at 45 +/- 2 C. They were then transferred to a clearing and softening fluid containing 78 ml lactic acid, 10 g phenol, 10 g chloral hydrate and 2 ml 1% orange G. The pistils were held there for 24 hr at 45 +/- 2 C, hydrolyzed in the clearing and softening fluid at 58 +/- 1 C for 30 min, then stored in lactic acid for later use or immediately mounted in a drop of medium containing equal parts of lactic acid and glycerol for examination.
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