(+)-Methyl D-lactate - CAS 17392-83-5
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(+)-Methyl D-lactate
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D-Lactic acid methyl ester, Methyl (R)-(+)-lactate
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Chemical Structure
CAS 17392-83-5 (+)-Methyl D-lactate

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Reference Reading

1.Molecular weight-dependent degradation of D-lactate-containing polyesters by polyhydroxyalkanoate depolymerases from Variovorax sp. C34 and Alcaligenes faecalis T1.
Sun J1, Matsumoto K1, Tabata Y2,3, Kadoya R1,4, Ooi T1,4, Abe H2,3, Taguchi S5,6. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2015 Nov;99(22):9555-63. doi: 10.1007/s00253-015-6756-1. Epub 2015 Jun 25.
Polyhydroxyalkanoate depolymerase derived from Variovorax sp. C34 (PhaZVs) was identified as the first enzyme that is capable of degrading isotactic P[67 mol% (R)-lactate(LA)-co-(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate(3HB)] [P(D-LA-co-D-3HB)]. This study aimed at analyzing the monomer sequence specificity of PhaZVs for hydrolyzing P(LA-co-3HB) in comparison with a P(3HB) depolymerase from Alcaligenes faecalis T1 (PhaZAf) that did not degrade the same copolymer. Degradation of P(LA-co-3HB) by action of PhaZVs generated dimers, 3HB-3HB, 3HB-LA, LA-3HB, and LA-LA, and the monomers, suggesting that PhaZVs cleaved the linkages between LA and 3HB units and between LA units. To provide a direct evidence for the hydrolysis of these sequences, the synthetic methyl trimers, 3HB-3HB-3HB, LA-LA-3HB, LA-3HB-LA, and 3HB-LA-LA, were treated with the PhaZs. Unexpectedly, not only PhaZVs but also PhaZAf hydrolyzed all of these substrates, namely PhaZAf also cleaved LA-LA linkage.
2.Formate excretion in urine of rats fed dimethylaminoazobenzene-rich diets: the possibility of formate formation from D-lactate.
Kitamura Y1, Kawase M, Ohmori S. Acta Med Okayama. 2008 Jun;62(3):193-203.
This experiment was carried out to evaluate the possibility of degradation of d-lactate into formate and acetaldehyde. In order to induce hyperproduction of d-lactate in rats. Donryu male albino rats were fed diets containing 0.064% 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (3'-MDAB), 4'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (4'-MDAB) or 2-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene (2-MDAB) for 10 weeks. During the experiment, body mass, food and water intake and volume of urine were documented. Methylglyoxal, D-lactate and formate in the urine samples were determined. On the first day of the eleventh week, methylglyoxal, D-lactate, glutathione and enzymatic activities of demethylation and glyoxalase I and II in liver were measured. Methylglyoxal, D-lactate and clinical chemistry parameters of blood plasma were also measured. The levels of methylglyoxal and D-lactate in livers of rats fed 3'-MDAB were very high, while those of 2-MDAB fed-rats and the control group were the same.