Fluvoxamine - CAS 54739-18-3
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CAS 54739-18-3 Fluvoxamine

Reference Reading

1. Photoassisted defluorination of fluorinated substrates and pharmaceuticals by a wide bandgap metal oxide in aqueous media
Hisao Hidaka,* Tohru Tsukamoto, Toshiyuki Oyama. Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2013, 12, 751–759
The double reciprocal Langmuir–Hinshelwood plots for the photoassisted defluorination of FLX and Fluvoxamine maleate(FOM)are illustrated in Fig. 6. The LH adsorption equilibrium constant (KLH) and the apparent defluorination rate (kLH) were determined through these plots. The data indicate that for FLX, KLH = 0.026 μM−1 and kLH = 3.01 μM min−1, whereas for FOM, KLH = 0.14 μM−1 and kLH = 3.37 μM min−1. Evidently, the defluorination of FOM was slightly faster than for FLX, and FOM appears to be adsorbed more strongly onto the surface of the metal oxide.
2. Hollow fiber based liquid–liquid–liquid microextraction combined with sweeping micellar electrokinetic chromatography for the sensitive determination of second-generation antidepressants in human fluids
Xiaoqing Zhou, Man He, Beibei Chen and Bin Hu*. Analyst,2015, 140,1662–1671
A HF-LLLME-sweeping-MEKC method was developed for the simultaneous and highly sensitive determination of five wide-spread consumed SSRIs, including SER, FLU, PAR, fluvoxamine(FLUV) and CIT. HF-LLLME was employed for removing sample matrix interference and the selective extraction of the target analytes, and sweeping-MEKC was used to further improve the detection sensitivity of the subsequent CE-UV. The established HF-LLLME-sweeping-MEKC method provides low LODs (0.18–1.55 µg L−1), good reproducibility, a wide linear range, ultrahigh EF and good anti-interference capacity.