AKI-001 - CAS 925218-37-7
Not Intended for Therapeutic Use. For research use only.
Product Name:
Catalog Number:
AKI-001; AKI 001; AKI001.
CAS Number:
Current Developer:
Genentech / Roche.
Chemical Structure
CAS 925218-37-7 AKI-001

Reference Reading

1.A pentacyclic aurora kinase inhibitor (AKI-001) with high in vivo potency and oral bioavailability.
Rawson TE1, Rüth M, Blackwood E, Burdick D, Corson L, Dotson J, Drummond J, Fields C, Georges GJ, Goller B, Halladay J, Hunsaker T, Kleinheinz T, Krell HW, Li J, Liang J, Limberg A, McNutt A, Moffat J, Phillips G, Ran Y, Safina B, Ultsch M, Walker L, Wies J Med Chem. 2008 Aug 14;51(15):4465-75. doi: 10.1021/jm800052b. Epub 2008 Jul 17.
Aurora kinase inhibitors have attracted a great deal of interest as a new class of antimitotic agents. We report a novel class of Aurora inhibitors based on a pentacyclic scaffold. A prototype pentacyclic inhibitor 32 (AKI-001) derived from two early lead structures improves upon the best properties of each parent and compares favorably to a previously reported Aurora inhibitor, 39 (VX-680). The inhibitor exhibits low nanomolar potency against both Aurora A and Aurora B enzymes, excellent cellular potency (IC50 < 100 nM), and good oral bioavailability. Phenotypic cellular assays show that both Aurora A and Aurora B are inhibited at inhibitor concentrations sufficient to block proliferation. Importantly, the cellular activity translates to potent inhibition of tumor growth in vivo. An oral dose of 5 mg/kg QD is well tolerated and results in near stasis (92% TGI) in an HCT116 mouse xenograft model.