(+/-)1-O-heptadecylglycerol - CAS 113817-63-3
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C20 H42 O3
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Chemical Structure
CAS 113817-63-3 (+/-)1-O-heptadecylglycerol

Reference Reading

1.High incorporation of dietary 1-O-heptadecyl glycerol into tissue plasmalogens of young rats.
Das AK1, Hajra AK. FEBS Lett. 1988 Jan 25;227(2):187-90.
When 1-O-heptadecyl-rac-glycerol was fed (20 mg/g of food) to 19-day-old rats for 10 days, a high incorporation of the heptadecyl group into the 1-O-alk-1'-enyl group of ethanolamine plasmalogens of all tissues was observed. For example, 62% of the alkenyl groups from liver plasmalogen was of the 17:0 variety. The analogous values for other tissues were 62% in kidney, 57% in lung, 57% in heart, 50% in intestine, 43% in erythrocytes, 25% in testis and 8% in brain. The corresponding figures in the control rats (fed normal rat chow) were only 2-3% of 17:0 for all tissues. Available evidence indicates that dietary 1-O-heptadecyl-sn-glycerol is utilized to form tissue plasmalogens without the cleavage of the ether bond. The relevance of these results to the possible dietary ether lipid therapy of patients suffering from congenital ether lipid deficiency is discussed.
2.Alkyl glycerol monoethers in the marine sponge Desmapsamma anchorata.
Quijano L1, Cruz F, Navarrete I, Gómez P, Rios T. Lipids. 1994 Oct;29(10):731-4.
1-O-Hexadecylglycerol (chimyl alcohol), 1-O-heptadecylglycerol and 1-O-octadecylglycerol (batyl alcohol) have been identified as the major native constituents of a mixture of free alkyl glycerol ethers isolated from the contained water and the methanolic extract of the sponge Desmapsamma anchorata. Minor components were the free C14, C15, C19, C20 and C21 alkyl glycerol monoethers. The alkyl glycerol monoethers were analyzed and identified by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry of their isopropylidene derivatives. This is the first report on the occurrence of free C15, C19, C20 and C21 alkyl glycerol monoethers in a sponge.